Trucking Accidents

If you or your loved ones have been injured or killed in a trucking accident, don't delay in finding a trucking accident attorney to represent your claim. Trucking accidents are not like typical motor vehicle accidents. Special rules and regulations apply to truckers a truck companies, and the damage caused by big rig crashes can be devastating. We provide high quality legal services to victims of trucking accidents in Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Hickory, and Asheville.

When tragedy has struck you or your loved ones, you need a National trucking accident attorney who knows the rules and knows how to get the most for your claim. At our firm, our extensive nationwide experience in handling semi tractor -trailer crashes and truck wrecks means that we know what to look for when conducting an investigation, and what is fair compensation for your injuries.

There are a variety of reasons for semi truck accidents:

  • Inadequate truck driver training
  • Unrealistic schedules and expectations of trucking companies that encourage truck drivers to hurry and violate laws despite the safety risks involved
  • Truck drivers on the road with a history of accidents and/or traffic violations that are still being allowed to drive commercial vehicles
  • Truck driver fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness, intoxication, and/or drug use
  • Road rage and other aggressive driving behavior by a truck driver
  • Truck driver's failure to adjust to bad driving conditions (rain, snow, fog, etc.)
  • Poor condition of the truck, truck tires or brakes, ineffective repair work; failure to install and maintain safety equipment
  • Improper load weight or an improperly balanced load
  • Improperly maintained roads; malfunctioning traffic control signals; improper design, construction, signage, lighting or other highway defects; poorly placed trees, bushes and utility poles
  • Commercial vehicle licensing standards that differ from state to state

  • If you've been injured, an experienced trucking accident attorney can help you receive fair compensation for your injuries including lost wages, hospital bills, pain, suffering, and damages for loss of companionship, love, and comfort. If you have a wrongful death claim, we can recover damages for loss of earnings, medical and funeral bills, your family's pain and suffering as well as the loss of love, guidance and support.

    If you have been injured in a trucking accident contact our firm today via our online contact form, or call our number at 1-919-789-1736 to set up a FREE initial consultation.

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